The reasons

The reasons to have a Pet

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If you are a little doubt whether to have a pet, here are some reasons why you should do it, especially if you have a baby.
1. Domestic animals are perfectly deprived of stress
Even children can benefit from the therapeutic effect that an animal produces on a person. A pet can reassure a very active child, relieve stress from a nervous baby, or just help a child relax after a hard day.
Studies show that dogs and cats can help adults calm down and lower blood pressure. It remains to decide who is better: is a dog or a cat? (Provided that all residents of your home have no allergies! And this applies to all animals that you plan to buy – check if you have allergies on them)
2. You can develop a child’s understanding of nature
Getting a baby with the wonders of the world of nature is easy to accomplish by bringing him or her an animal that the child will take care of. There is nothing better for a child than interacting with an animal. The presence of a pet is much better than watching television programs.
3. A pet may be the perfect fitness trainer
Children usually enjoy the game with dogs who will be willing to bring the stick over and over again. This is also a great way to do sports for you and your baby.
4. Pets are very funny
In our time, it’s very difficult to entertain a child without using a TV, computer games, or any other equipment at all. An animal can entertain a child of any age. It’s a great pleasure to watch small pets like mice and hamsters and you can always laugh at them. They are such energetic little creatures.
5. Children can learn to behave well with animals
Children learn with animals to be gentle, caring and loving. For some children, this is not easy. Usually an animal can suffer a lot before accepting measures: scratch, bite or escape. Most children understand that when you treat the animal well, it will happily stay with you and will enjoy your caress for a long time.
6. Pets become great friends
If you have only one child, it is sometimes better to have a pet to take away the child from loneliness. Animals can be comforting when there is no way to play with friends.
Psychologists are convinced – a baby must necessarily have a pet! After a series of studies, it was discovered that people who were caring about pets in their childhood are more sociable, they are able to quickly get help, and yet they have more developed leadership skills.