Reasons to have a Dog

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It has been scientifically proven that dogs improve human life. If you already have a fluffy pet, you will immediately agree with this statement and with pleasure will read the evidence in favor of the fact that the dogs magically bring happiness to life of anyone.

And if you do not already have such a charming pet, there is a chance that you will want to have it. Because such sincerity and positive cannot be found anywhere else, only dogs are capable of this!

Reasons to have a dog

Mood enhancers

No matter how sullen your mood is, it will rise dramatically while playing with your favorite dog. Only 15 minutes of fun with the pet – and you are already smiling, all the adversities have dissipated like smoke. Communicating with a dog causes a reduction in stress and an increase in happiness. This is due to the active development in your brain of dopamine and serotonin, associated with pleasure and tranquility – all thanks to a fluffy miracle.

Masters of Cardiac Affairs

For all people who have problems with pressure, communication with dogs is necessary. Talking and caressing with the dog, you stabilize the work of the cardiovascular system and keep the blood pressure in the norm.

Cats, stand by!

Babies that grow with dogs are less prone to allergies and do not suffer from skin eczema. While cats can provoke these diseases.

Sports stimulants

People with dogs are healthier than people without dogs – they are moving! Dogs make the master indulge in fitness involuntarily, run while walking, play mobile games, walk, breathe fresh air. These tailed athletes infect everyone around with motor activity!

Exceptional healers

People who have a dog recover faster from various diseases. This is a proven fact – they feel responsible for a lively, friendly being, and the need to quickly resume their care of him causes them to get up more quickly from a hospital bed. Truly a miracle !

Brave assistants

A guide dog and a nurse dog are common. Responsiveness and kindness of these animals is amazing, they are irreplaceable as friends and assistants for people with disabilities.