Reasons to have a cat

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For some reason, it is considered that cats, unlike dogs, do not need the owners’ caresses, and in general people for them are such service personnel who are obliged to feed them and change the filler in the tray. In fact, cats often become the most loyal friends to a person – ask any “cat”, and he will gladly confirm this.

Here we have some reasons, why it is extremely great to have a cat.

Communication with a cat – excellent therapy

Studies show that cats help people  to cope with difficult situations, even such as loss of a loved one. Communication with cats allows you to overcome difficulties faster and even get rid of some symptoms of physical pain. Sometimes it is useful even to speak out before a being who will not judge you, to experience distress became easier.

Cats reduce the risk of heart attack

A ten-year study by the University of Minnesota found that lowering the level of stress experienced by cat owners leads to a 40% reduction in the likelihood of a heart attack.

Cats are perfect companions

There is an opinion that out of seals are not such good companions as from dogs, but this is not so. Swiss scientists have proved that the sensations of having a cat in the house are comparable to romantic relationships: pets always willingly initiate contact and remember kindness, returning it in the future.

A cat can become a child’s best friend

One of the interviews involved children living with cats, and 81% of them said that they would prefer to share their experiences with pets, rather than with parents or friends. 87% of children considered cats their “closest friends”.

Children living with cats are less likely to miss school

Children who have cats in their house, on average, miss 9 days a year less than all the rest. For example, such children are less prone to ear infections. This is due to the fact that the immunity of the owners of furry purrs is usually much higher.

Cats lower cholesterol levels

Canadian scientists are sure that the presence of your cat helps to reduce the level of a chemical compound called triglyceride, which affects the excess cholesterol in the body. However, seals still should not be an excuse for unhealthy eating and lack of sports in your life.

Do you still doubt in having a cat?