Do you really need a pet?

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We should always understand that a dog or any other pet is a great responsibility. And because of the lack of responsibility that animals often suffer.
Suffered from such situations dogs and people would be much less if we, the owners of dogs, told others what hard work it was and the great responsibility to be the owner of the dog.

So, the reasons not to have a dog:
1. A catastrophic lack of time – this is perhaps the most basic reason. Dogs simply do not fit into the modern pace of life. For normal well-being, dogs need external stimuli and a variety of communication, both with man and with other dogs. For example, it is not recommended to leave the dog at home regularly for more than 4-5 hours (yes, of course, many dogs have to wait for the owners from work much longer, but even if the dog behaves calmly, this does not mean that it does not suffer).
Lack of external stimuli in modern dogs leads to boredom, stress and development of behavior unacceptable to the owner (howling, gnawing objects, uncleanliness, etc.). If everyone in the family works, and you do not have the opportunity to take a dog with you, or provide it with walks in your absence, and then additionally give it enough time after work, then simply you shouldn’t have a dog.

2.Endless and tremendous patience. If you usually have it for a short while, it can be difficult for you to restrain yourself, you often break down on those around you, or you cannot bear to explain a hundred times, the dog is definitely not for you.

3. The difficulty in teaching the dog behavior acceptable for living with us. This point follows from the first and second, because with a lack of time and patience, this will make it almost impossible. It also depends largely on your knowledge and individual characteristics of the dog that you will get.

4. Dogs live long enough, and 15 years may not be the limit. Are you ready to be harnessed to the daily routine of the responsible dog owner for such a period? A dog is not a child who “will go to school and become easier.” Do you have the patience, strength, nerves to take care of a sick and aging dog during the last years of it’s life?

5. The life of dogs is still shorter than human, and sometimes it breaks even earlier because of illness or accidents, and the stress of losing a four-legged friend may be even greater than the loss of a relative. I know a few people who have had a hard time surviving the death of one dog, subsequently abandoned pets.